A Day in Brights Grove

So You’re thinking of planning a day in the beautiful little town of Brights Grove, but have no idea where to go or what to do? Well this is for you as I go through my whole day in Brights Grove!

I wake up on a calm summer morning and take my dog for a nice long walk down Old Lakeshore road, right alongside the lake. We walk all the way down to Waterworks road and head to Tim Hortons where we stop in for a morning coffee and bagel.

Then we go over to Desenas Viratey to grab some snacks and drinks for our adventure in the Grove.

From there I walk my dog home and trade my flip flops for running shoes as I head on over to Kenwick Park to play a game of basketball with my friends.
After an intense game, we’ve all worked up a sweat. Luckily, Lake Huron is only 20 feet away!

So we head down to the beach and jump in the water to cool off and splash around. Once we get out and dry off, we realize all that exercise has made us quite hungry.
So we head back up to the fry truck at Kenwick park and get some delicious french fries and Pogos.

Next up on our to-do list today is to play 9 holes at Huron Oaks Golf Course. It’s a beautiful course which is maintained very well and is deeply cared for. Staff is awesome and the course speaks for itself. We definitely recommend playing a round here if you are a golfer.

After many double bogeys, It’s time to head over to the one and only Skeeter Barlows Bar and Grill for our dinner on the patio overlooking the lake. We start off with a Skeeters Sampler for the whole table to snack on and have a drink. Then for dinner I get some of Skeeter’s famous Chicken wings, tossed in hot sauce of course. Then we all treat ourselves to a brownie explosion for dessert. If you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out.

Finally, as the sun starts to set over the lake, we walk down to Mike Weir Park to sit on the sand and watch the sunset over the horizion. Once the sun is set and the stars come out, it’s time to head back home to complete a day of fun in beautiful Brights Grove.