A Hot Summer Day In Sarnia-Lambton

With the warm weather making a return, Sarnia-Lambton has plenty of options for everyone to enjoy their summer. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed day, a quiet afternoon, a place to cool off, or somewhere to really immerse yourself into the county, Tourism Sarnia-Lambton has you covered. I know exactly how I’d like to spend my summer, and luckily I can do it all without having to leave Lambton County.

To begin my hot summer day, I head to Blackwater Coffee on Christina St. North where I purchase my favourite drink: an iced dirty chai. After being served with a smile, I sit on their patio and enjoy the summer breeze. With the downtown core becoming even busier during the summer months, there is plenty to see and do. Sitting outside with my drink allows me to think about all of the exciting things I can do this summer.

Only a short drive away from Blackwater Coffee, I then make my way to Canatara Beach. I lay my beach towel down and indulge in a book. The inviting waves are a nice way to cool down from the hot sun. Laughter, music, and chit chat loudly echoes on the beach as everyone thoroughly enjoys their day. What’s not to like? I made sure to bring snacks, a bottle of water, sunscreen, and activities to make my beach day even better. Rather than having to leave throughout the day to grab lunch, I can pack some of my favourite things from Sunripe.

Once the beach becomes too hot for me, I take a stroll through Canatara Park. The shade from the trees feels like a nice break as it covers me from the sun but doesn’t feel too cold. The birds are singing and I can see games of frisbee, soccer, and tag in the field. The peace that the park offers is an unmatched feeling.

After hours of being outside and in the sun, I feel tired. A nice way to wrap up my evening is to get ice cream, so I go to Ice Cream Galore on St Clair St. in Point Edward. My friends and I order our ice cream (my go-to is birthday cake ice cream) and take it under the Bluewater Bridge. The perfect end to a perfect day is watching the most beautiful sunset in Ontario.