Get rewarded for exploring all of the amazing locations throughout Sarnia-Lambton.


App users can collect points at certain attraction, retail, restaurant and accommodation locations in Sarnia-Lambton and then redeem them for Tourism Sarnia-Lambton Gift Certificates (accepted at over 300 local businesses).

Collection and redemption spots will rotate regularly, keeping the experience exciting for the users and truly gamifying local exploration.
The app highlights local businesses, encourages people to visit, and rewards purchases within certain businesses.


How to get started:


Create an Account

With a Tour Ontario’s Blue Coast account, you can explore and collect points throughout Sarnia-Lambton. Points can be redeemed for Tourism Sarnia-Lambton dollars (accepted at 300 local businesses).



When you click on the Explore button you will find a map of Sarnia-Lambton, which has pins indicating the location of places of interest where you can collect points. Clicking on each pin on the map gives you more information about that location, a local tip, and the number of points you can collect there. It will also let you know if the location is a rewards collection point and what the location has to offer.


Collect Points

Many locations are assigned a point value, which can be collected when you are within the GPS range of a location and have a connection to the internet. Pushing the “Collect Points” button while physically visiting a location will add the location’s points to your point total. To keep earning points, explore more locations. You can track your point total on Your Account page.


Redeem Rewards

Once you collect enough points, those points can be redeemed for Tourism Sarnia Lambton Gift Certificates at the Tourism Sarnia-Lambton Tourism Building (1455 Venetian Blvd., Point Edward).
Hitting the “Redeem Rewards” button while physically at a Rewards location will bring up a keypad for the place owner to enter a code to deduct points from your point total in exchange for your reward.

Share with Friends

Find a place you want to let others know about? The Share button on each location’s page allows you to share information about that place via your social media channels

Are you a local Tourism Business that wants to Showcase your location to a new audience of visitors?

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The ‘Tour Ontario’s Blue Coast’ app highlights and rewards new visitors for discovering the best local retail, restaurants, attraction and accommodation locations. With over 50,000 page view in the last year, The Tour Ontario’s Blue coast app has become a fun and rewarding experience for new and return visitors to discover something new, share their experience, all while collecting points through a unique gamification app.

For each eligible location on the app, visitors can collect a set amount of points. As they travel throughout Lambton County, they can earn enough points to redeem at select locations for a small prize or discount. It’s a fun way to explore new and exciting locations throughout our amazing County.

Sign up to be a points redemption location today, choose your custom reward and entice new customers to you business with the Tour Ontario’s Blue Coast App.

To register your business or for any questions about the Tour Ontario’s Blue Coast App please email Adam: [email protected]