Sip wine and chat with the winemakers who made it all by hand. Stroll through preserved Victorian era architecture. Walk the grounds of where Canada’s earliest oil pioneers first struck rich. Central Lambton is countryside and culture blended together beautifully.

The heart of the county is where we grow our grapes. Similar to the soil conditions found in grape growing regions such as Bourgogne, Alsace, & Loire Valley in France, Huron Shores is quickly becoming Ontario’s newest emerging wine region.

Next comes history. Born from oil wells of the 1800’s, Petrolia’s prosperous heritage as a booming oil town with its Victorian mansions and opera houses can still be felt to this day.



Meandering through thriving fruit orchards and rural farmland by car or bike is an ideal way to take in the county, but the true countryside experience is best discovered through taste. Be sure to stop the car to check out one of the many artisanal shops, roadside farmstands, meadery, sugar shacks, and more.