Explore Down River Parks

Mooretown Centennial Park

At Mooretown Centennial Park, you can enjoy a beautiful view either sitting in the sun or the shade! The Willow Trees blowing in the breeze will put your mind to ease and allow you to fully relax. The blue water rushing by grasps what Ontario’s Blue Coast is really about; beautiful views, wonderful locations, blue water, and welcoming people. Whether you’re visiting an empty park or a park full of people, you’re sure to feel welcomed by Mooretown Centennial Park.


Willow Park

Are you looking for a quiet place to go fishing? Maybe you’re looking for a small boat ramp so you’re able to go enjoy the day boating on the St. Clair River. Well, Willow Park has you covered! Enjoy a picnic or maybe even just take a seat and watch the boats go by. You’re promised a beautiful and relaxing day when visiting Willow Park!


Cathcart Park

Again, being right on the water, Cathcart Park has so much to offer. This park has a campground as well, which is great for the entire family. Whether you’re camping or looking to spend some time at the park, this is a good choice! The park features a pavilion which would be incredible for family get togethers or looking for some shade during a meal. The boat launch is right onsite, allowing visitors to launch their boat and enjoy a day on the river.


Brander Park

Brander Park is located in Port Lambton, right along the St. Clair River. Just like the previously mentioned parks, there is so much to see and take in, but this park is definitely more family friendly. There is playground equipment with so many fun things to do, such as a swing set, slide, pole, and many others! In addition to the awesome equipment, Brander Park has a splash pad! The splash pad is wonderful on those hot and humid summer days. You won’t get tired of visiting this park, that is for sure!