Family Day Fun in Sarnia-Lambton

It’s time to spend some quality family time! Take advantage of the holiday and spend in Sarnia-Lambton. Here are our top ideas for having some memorable family day fun.

District Beta

Visit Sarnia-Lambton’s only arcade! District Beta is sure to entertain all ages. Ranging from modern virtual reality technology to retro games and everything in between, the games are District Beta will provide hours of fun for the whole family. Show your kids the games you used to love when you were young or have them teach you how to play their current favourites!

Widder Station

Widder Station has quickly become a must visit family destination in the Sarnia-Lambton area. In the winter months, Widder Station turns the golf course into marked walking trails, delegates a large hill as a tobogganing hill, creates a disc golf course, and sets up fire pits and patio heaters. Enjoy all the adventures that await at Widder Station and enjoy delicious food and drinks to go hand in hand!

Crock a Doodle

At the Crock a Doodle studio in Sarnia, families can gather for a unique experience of designing and painting pottery together. With extremely knowledgeable staff, families can enjoy the entertaining and relaxing experience of creating something meaningful as a family.

Kingswell Indoor Field

The indoor field at Kingswell Glen is a hidden gem in the Sarnia-Lambton area. At this indoor field, families can take part in Nerf gun battles, ping pong tournaments, basketball arcade, and more! These activities are perfect for multiple families looking for a way for their children to have collective fun in a safe manner for hours on end.

Canatara Park & Animal Farm

If you’re looking for an outdoor destination, Canatara park should be at the top of your list. Enjoy paved walkways, picnic areas, playgrounds, and Sarnias’s favourite animal farm. Hours can be spent exploring the park and farm, taking in all the destination has to offer.