Feel Inspired With A Visit To Sarnia-Lambton

Inspiration can come from many different sources – a sight, sound, or a story– and in Sarnia-Lambton, along Ontario’s Blue Coast, it is easy to have a weekend getaway turn into a inspiring and unforgettable visit. Only a couple hours west from the hustle & bustle of the busy urban centers in the GTA, an inspirational getaway awaits you in Sarnia-Lambton.

Art, Museums, and More

To see an artistic rendition of a modern classic, to hear the orchestral sounds surround you or to step back in time to discover engineering marvels can inspire any person, young or old. In Sarnia-Lambton there are plenty of opportunities to witness these inspirational moments. Listen to the International Symphony Orchestra as the perform beautiful orchestral pieces at the Imperial Theatre in Sarnia. Witness wildly creative artistic pieces at the Norman & Alix Art Gallery in Sarnia, or step back in time and discover the heritage of Ontario’s Blue Coast at the Lambton Heritage Museum in Grand Bend.

Waterfront Sunsets

The perfect view as you stroll along Ontario’s Blue Coast, watching the sun set over the horizon of Lake Huron’s tropical blue waters, is not only an inspirational moment, but a memorable view that will commemorate your perfect getaway in Sarnia-Lambton. Book a stay close to the coastline at The Insignia Hotel in Sarnia, or the Colonial Hotel in Grand Bend and you are steps away from witnessing the perfect sunsets that make Sarnia-Lambton famous.

A Fresh & Inspiring Ride

The fresh smell, sights and sounds of  spring in Sarnia-Lambton an inspiration to experience by any means, But to see the best of the naturally inspiring beauty of Sarnia-Lambton, swap out the four wheels of your automobile for two wheels of a bicycle and slow things down with a leisurely pedal tour throughout Sarnia-Lambton’s 100’s of kilometers of cycling trails. From the paved paths along the St. Clair River Trail in St. Clair Township to the winding nature trails at the Pinery Provincial Park in Grand Bend, visiting Sarnia-Lambton and planning a bike tour will leave you rejuvenated, inspired and appreciative that you were able to slow roll along Ontario’s Blue Coast.

From breathtaking natural landscapes and relaxing accommodations to thoughtful and creative musical and artistic masterpieces, planning a weekend getaway to Sarnia-Lambton is the perfect way to feel inspired and ready to discover new adventures and experiences.