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Skydive Grand Bend - 70114C Grand Bend Line
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We fly to – Dark Horse Winery, Tim Horton’s Parkhill, Cornerfield winery, Cowbell Brewery, Eddington’s of Exeter, Shale Ridge Winery, Widder Station Brewing Co & 3 stop tour (Shale Ridge Winery, Stonepicker Brewer & Widder Station)

From the elevated perspective of a helicopter, Grand Bend offers breathtaking views that transform your scenic flight into a mesmerizing experience. Our 10-30 minute flights showcase stunning landscapes and unique destinations. Fly over and land at the picturesque Dark Horse Winery, enjoy a coffee break at Tim Horton’s Parkhill, or savor local flavors at Cornerfield Winery. Experience the charm of Cowbell Brewery, dine at Eddington’s of Exeter, or explore Shale Ridge Winery. For a comprehensive tour, embark on our 3-stop adventure to Shale Ridge Winery, Stonepicker Brewery, and Widder Station Brewing Co. Each flight promises an unforgettable aerial adventure and a new appreciation for Grand Bend’s beauty.

Experience Grand Bend like never before with our scenic helicopter flights, offering 10-30 minute tours that highlight the area’s stunning beauty from above. Soar over picturesque vineyards, charming breweries, and exquisite restaurants, each stop providing a unique taste of local flavors and hospitality. Whether you’re indulging in a wine tasting, enjoying a craft beer, or dining at a top-rated eatery, our tours promise a memorable and elevated perspective of the region’s finest destinations. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Grand Bend’s diverse culinary and beverage offerings, all viewed from the sky.

Skydive Grand Bend - 70114C Grand Bend Line
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