Philly Cheese Jakes

Dining Quick Bites
988 Confederation St
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Philly Cheese Jakes is located at 988 Confederation Street and serves Philly cheese steaks, Jumbo footlong chili cheese dogs, Pedro Porko, as well as chili, slaw, chili cheese nachos and a loaded nacho. Don’t forget that Wednesday is BIG JUAN WEDNESDAY and that ONE (Juan) pound burger is out of this world. Cherski ended up opening a stand-alone restaurant instead of a food truck because it allows him the space to make everything from scratch—including his famous pulled pork, which cooks for 14 hours. In fact, nearly everything at Philly Cheese Jakes is made from scratch by Cherski himself, including his FIREHOUSE 555 Hot Sauce.

988 Confederation St, Sarnia
(See Map)
Phone: (519) 491-5797
Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-7pm; Saturday 11am-3pm; Closed Sundays