Sawmill Creek Golf Resort and Spa

3790 Lakeshore Road
ON N0N 1E0
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We all seek havens, a place to relax, unwind, heal and escape the stress of daily life. Welcome to the Spa Retreat at Sawmill Creek.

The mission of the Spa Retreat is to bring beauty, health and wellness to your life. Enjoy pure relaxation and rejuvenation through healing massage and body treatments by certified therapists, each a true artist, using varying techniques and speciality palettes.

From body therapy, facial care, skin care, to hand and foot care, we will energize your body, clear your mind and soothe your senses. A state of serenity for the body, soul and mind.

3790 Lakeshore Road, Camlachie, ON N0N 1E0, Canada
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Phone: 519-899-4653
Toll Free: 888-729-6455
Fax: 519-899-2727