Widder Station Golf, Grill & Tap House

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8395 Decker Rd
Thedford ON
N0M 2N0
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“Train Wreck” Craft Beer: Widder Station is venturing into the craft beer market with its first introduction called Train Wreck.

Train Wreck is a smooth premium lager, with a light body for easy drinking. Train Wreck is on tap now with tall boys on their way. With the market demanding more unique flavours and varieties of craft beers, we anticipate more craft varieties on tap in the future at Widder Station. Stay thirsty our friends! ABV 4.8 alc. 13 IBU

Plan your next destination – visit our Tap House ! Enjoy the photos.

8395 Decker Rd, Thedford ON, N0M 2N0
(See Map)
Phone: 519-296-4653
Fax: 519-296-4660