Things To Make You Feel Like You’re in a Movie

Sarnia-Lambton is full of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Between the incredible beaches, waterfalls, trails, and parks, there is surely something to catch everyone’s eye. When seeing these beautiful sights everyday, sometimes people want more action in their day-to-day lives. Luckily, Sarnia-Lambton has some absolutely incredible attractions to make you feel like you’re living in a movie.

First up on the list is Skydive Grand Bend, located at 70114C Grand Bend Line. To really shake up the usual day-to-day activities in one’s life, skydiving is the perfect solution. This unique business allows you to see the beautiful Lake Huron from 10 500 feet in the air! Where else could you get a better view – or a better adrenaline rush? After some freefall, the instructor will ensure the parachute is in use and you can enjoy a peaceful, unique flight back down to the Earth.

To continue, the next surreal attraction is Glow Kayaking offered at River Adventures in Grand Bend, at 63 River Road in Lambton Shores. This cool attraction is something that is not typically seen or thought of. Offered every Friday and Saturday from 8:30-10:30 p.m., this is something that you and your friends could do often! The relaxing water paired with the excitement of kayaking in such a beautiful location is sure to make for an excellent outing.

Next on the list is an attraction that is not so common anymore; a carriage ride from Humes Horse and Carriage Ride, located at 5433 Bethesda Road, Watford. The cool business is available for all kinds of events, whether it is an anniversary, wedding, party, or a sleigh ride. Even more amazing, Humes Horse and Carriage Ride is wheelchair accessible! This allows for a fun experience for everyone to participate in.

To carry on, District Beta, located at 1886 London Line, Sarnia, is another super cool spot to check out. This is less of a physical action-packed environment as it is known for its Virtual Reality. Immerse yourself in a Virtual Reality Escape Room, where you can choose from multiple different rooms to try and escape from. If the escape room isn’t up your alley, try checking out their retro video games, consoles, or even other VR options! District Beta promises not to disappoint!

Lambton County is full of amazing opportunities, events, and attractions. Everyday is exciting here along Ontario’s Blue Coast and it’s just waiting to be explored. Check out everything that Lambton County has to offer and enjoy your summer with some unique experiences.