4 Grand Bend Activities That Will Make You Feel Like You’re in The Tropics

Parasailing, parachuting, wakeboarding and flyboarding might seem like the kinds of activities you’d expect to find in far-flung locations, but did you know it’s possible to enjoy these water activities without venturing to the Tropics?

Located along the scenic shoreline of Lake Huron, Grand Bend offers a host of adrenaline pumping activities suitable for all levels of thrill-seekers, available right in Ontario’s backyard.

Jump Out of a Plane

Did you know that Grand Bend is home to the only qualified Skydiving Center in Southwest Ontario? At Grand Bend Parachuting Center, you can experience the unforgettable sensation of freefalling from 8000 feet in the air.

First-timer? No problem! Grand Bend Parachuting center offers classroom instruction, practical training (in which you practice phases of the jump), and two experienced instructors assisting with your dive. Book your session today.

Try the Latest Tech



The newest extreme watersport to hit the market, FlyBoarding is essentially what Aquaman would have used to battle his arch-nemesis. Grand Bend Flyboard offers rentals of this water jet pack which allows you to soar across the surface of the water, eventually becoming skilled enough to try backflips and other tricks.

The best part? You don’t need to hop on a plane to try the most revolutionary water sport on the market. Rentals are available right on Main Street in Grand Bend.

Whip Across the Water

Jetski cruising off onto the horizon


Where better to zip across the water than on Grand Bend’s Blue Flag Beach? Try it once and you’ll soon realize that nothing beats the sensation of the wind whipping past your face as you race down your friends on a summer day.

Early riser? You’re in luck. Xtreme Watersports offers daily Early Bird specials for those who like to take in the sunrise by jet-ski.

Take in the View

Sunset as parasail floats through sky

Enjoy the exhilaration and tranquility of being launched over 300 feet in the air as you soar across the sky. Parasailing with Grand Bend Parasail is a great option for thrill-seekers who want to enjoy their flying experience, as the peaceful flight lets you take in the stunning views of the Lake Huron shoreline.

An added bonus? Families and larger groups can save with Grand Bend Parasail’s special group discount.

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