A Day At Art In The Park Petrolia

The summer student and I have just attended Art In the Park Petrolia for their 2023 celebration, and it was gorgeous.

Before starting the day I grabbed an Iced Vanilla coffee at The Cottage and an energy ball filled with oats to get ready for the time ahead.

At 10 am, and the sun was shining through the big trees of Victoria Park as we set up our booth. Soon enough 11 am rolls around and people come flooding in. It was lovely meeting some Petrolian’s and their families. From everyone we had talked to and met they were remarking on the wonderful creations of the many artists.

I took a stroll around to get a better look at the different booths and artists myself. I noticed there was many different activities for kids including face painting, crafts, and games. Some of my favourite artist highlights was Carnival of Kitsch who’s creation of wallets, travel makeup bags, and headbands was made from recycled vintage fabric.

Another artist was JessNaturally who makes Cyanotype prints and clothing. It’s a very interesting and difficult process to make each item which drew me to her booth.

As I was heading back, I noticed that the Lion’s Club of Petrolia was selling food out of a truck. I decided to stop and grab a delicious poutine for my lunch. T

he day continues and us summer students had the pleasure of meeting more people. The bright sunny Friday was enchanted by the live music guests who serenaded the crowd. As time went on we almost ran out of all our swag. Unfortunately the day came to a close and we packed up, not before saying goodbye to all our new friends working/volunteering with Art in The Park Petrolia.

We cannot wait to see what next year has in store.