Ipperwash Beach

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Ipperwash Beach
Lambton Shores
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Ipperwash Beach

One of the longest freshwater beaches in Ontario, this quiet beach located near the more populated Grand Bend beach is perfect for:


Soft sand and shallow water make this beach an ideal spot for swimming and sandcastles.


This cottage country escape drawing less crowds than other nearby beaches is perfect when you simply need to get away.


From unique birds to scenic sunsets, this beach is a nature lover’s paradise.

** PLEASE NOTE: Most other beachfront properties are in private ownership.¬† A crown reservation for public use of the beach was established through the Canada Company Patent of 1836. Visitors enjoying the beach are asked to respect all private property, be mindful of others’ quiet enjoyment of the beach, refrain from accessing or damaging the dunes, and to pick up after themselves.**

Ipperwash Beach, Lambton Shores, ON
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