Lambton Shores Nature Trails

Cycling Trails
9984 Northville Crescent
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An area south of the imaginary line between Grand Bend and Toronto, this zone represents less than 1% of Canada’s landmass, but is home to the largest diversity of fauna & flora species in the country. This small part of Canada in southwestern Ontario also has the highest number of species-at-risk in the country.  Our ‘Gems of Nature’ are unique. They include miles of sandy beaches along the south-eastern shores of Lake Huron, bare & forested dune lands, fresh-water coastal wetlands, rare Oak Savanna, steep & forested ravines in river and creek valleys, remnant prairies of tall grass and wildflowers, spherical concretions or ‘Kettles’ in black shale beds, Brachiopod & Trilobite fossils of the Devonian Period. They offer sights of majestic Tundra swans & soaring eagles, amazing flying squirrels, beautiful butterflies & damselflies, endangered turtles & hognose snakes, fish & mussel species-at-risk, sassafras & tulip trees. Then there are the unforgettable sunsets!

9984 Northville Crescent, Thedford, ON, Canada
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