Sombra Museum

3470 St Clair Parkway
ON N0P 2H0
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Discover the intrigue of a turn-of-the-century Victorian home in Sombra Village. Includes period home furnishings, marine heritage exhibits and more.

The original Bury House, has been the face of the Sombra Museum since 1959, will continue to be an integral part of the museum complex, but will be devoted to its original purpose of demonstrating life in a Victorian home in the period of 1880 to 1920.

The newly built facility includes an extensive Marine collection as well as housing a growing archival collection (Research Room). There is also a number of areas in which displays and collections can be shared and stories told. There is modern meeting room equipped with state of the art technology to meet the needs of all who use it and can hold up to 100 people. We are well prepared to handle the needs of local schools, service clubs, organizations and interested citizens.

3470 St Clair Parkway, Sombra, ON N0P 2H0
(See Map)
Phone: 519-892-3982
Fax: 519-892-3815
Hours: June, July & August 11 AM-4:30 PM Daily, Sept. 1-4 pm daily and also available by appointment.